Department of Literature

Gullette, Göransdotter, Kielmann, Leibetseder, Luzon, Lönngren, Ovesen, Wallin Bergström: ”Power, Myths, Materiality"

  • Date: –15:45
  • Location: Engelska parken - Eng2-0076
  • Organiser: The Department of Literature
  • Contact person: Mats Rosengren
  • Seminarium

The General Seminar, Rhetoric (topic Truth) and the research node "Science, validation, partial perspectives. Knowledge production beyond the norms."

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Christian Gullette, Rebecka Göransdotter, Jules Kielmann, Doris Leibetseder, Cecilia Luzon, Ann-Sofie Lönngren, Nicole Ovesen, Camilla Wallin Bergström: "Power, Myths, Materiality. A Multilingual Reflection over the Conditions for Knowledge Production in Times of Political Turbulence"

In English, Swedish and Danish, and followed by postseminar drinks and snacks.

Chair: Rosengren

In the fall of 2016, the research node “Science, validation, partial perspectives: Knowledge production beyond the norms” began the planning of a journey to California. The trip took place in April 2017, when a group of six masterstudents, two Ph.D.-students and one of the node’s research leaders visited the Scandinavian Studies department at UC Berkeley, and the Science and Justice Research Center at UC Santa Cruz. The way the journey turned out was however quite different from what we thought when we started to plan it. Between September 2016 and April 2017 Donald Trump was elected president of the US, a turn of events that strongly affected both preparations before the journey, and seminar discussions once in place. Concepts such as ’post truth’ and ’fact resistance’ now became central, and also questions of the relationship between Sweden and the US in the renewed political climate which was a fact when the journey took place. Back in Sweden we summed up our experiences in a collective, multilingual, rhizomatic reflection which is to be published as an essay in lambda nordica nr 4, 2017. In this seminar, we present parts of this text to the audience in a performance, and then invite everyone to discuss the questions it poses regarding the relationship between narratives, cultural identities and truths; privilege and politics; language and reality; art and science; potential and risk in boundary-crossing encounters.

The seminar is part of the program for ”Språklös, gränslös, fabulös: en seminarieserie om språk, identitet och norm”, Hugo Valentin center, chaired by Satu Gröndahl. It is also part of the seminar-serie ”Truth”, Department of Literature, chaired by Mats Rosengren.

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Gullette, Göransdotter, Kielmann, Leibetseder, Luzon, Lönngren, Ovesen, Wallin Bergström: ”Power, Myths, Materiality